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Anywhere Solar On-the-Go
Dec 06

Anywhere Solar Portable Charging Kit

Four Anywhere Solar Panels

Here are a few pictures of our newest product, the On-the-Go Portable Solar Charging Kit. The Kit features four SS-2406 solar panels giving you a 50 watt 15 volt system to charge your batteries.
Leading Age IdeaHouse
Oct 31

Solar Energy producing garden trellis

IdeaHouse Garden Trellis Solar Display

David, our CEO, was in Denver, Colorado last week showing off a unique application for our Short Stack solar panels. The panels were featured on an outdoor trellis providing both shade and renewable electricity. The Idea House features the latest trends in senior living and sustainable design and we were very impressed and proud to be a part of the innovative designs at this years show.
First Look! Anywhere Solar On-the-Go
Oct 30

Anywhere Solar Panels

Sneak peak of our new portable solar charging kit! Keep an eye out for details...
Mini Solar Exhibit
Sep 20

Educational Solar Display and Charging Station

The latest development from the Anywhere Solar workshop. This piece will be used at promotional and educational events to show how solar electricity works. It is essentially a small solar system that will be used to charge and power cell phones, laptops, and other small devices.
Trailer Roof Installation
Jul 24

Light weight solar panels installed in San Diego

Easy rooftop solar installation using new solar technology

Our most recent installation features a trailer used for education. We installed 126 Short Stack Solar Modules on the entire roof and it will serve as a great test site for module data.
Backyard Patio Solar Array
May 19

Collecting the desert sun with a customizable solar array

Anywhere Solar Installation on a backyard patio

Another small array installation! This one was installed on a backyard patio hammock enclosure.
Full Rooftop Anywhere Solar Installation
Apr 17

Easy solar installation by local solar professionals

Large rooftop mount solar array

The Anywhere Solar crew was on-site for this 3kW solar install. This homeowner had a perfect roof to test out a traditional roof mount system for our Short Stack solar modules. The installation was a breeze and we think it looks great too!
Mock Installation on Metal Roofing
Mar 22

Power producing standing seam metal roof

Installing solar panels in metal roof pans

Just last week, we took a whole lot of Short Stack Modules and used them to plan an installation. The customer has standing seam metal roofing as you can see. He currently has a thin-film solar array on his roof but is looking to add Short Stacks to the areas of the roof where thin-film or framed crystalline modules just can't fit.
Demo Roof Installation
Mar 15

Solar roof mount demonstration

Testing out new solar technology

Fresh out of the Anywhere Solar product development warehouse is a solar installation demo roof. We have taken 12 Short Stack Solar modules, connected them together and installed them using similar hardware that one would use on any other solar installation. The catch? Our Short Stacks are half the weight of traditional panels, require less installation hardware, and still produce the same amount of power as traditional solar panels.
Rooftop Railing Installation
Feb 03

La Jolla, San Diego roof solar installation - After

Using Enphase Microinverters to power this business

One of our first installations featuring the Short Stack module. Can you spot the Solar? It takes a second look but this commercial building is now producing its own free electricity just by utilizing the top railing around the entire building. In one week, the system produces, on average, 723 watt hours a day for a grand total of 5.06 kilowatt hours in one week. The installation was a breeze and this is just the beginning - there are plans to install more panels on the railing and that nice, flat, sunny roof.
Glamour Shots
Jan 12

Going Green with new solar technology

Solar Photo Shoot at the park

Early Photo Shoot showing the good side of the Short Stack Modules.
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