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Portable Solar Kit Introduction

On-the-Go Portable Solar Charging Kit

This kit allows the person on the go to collect solar power with the ease and portability of thin film but with the power output of crystalline technology. The RV Solar Charging Kit is the perfect option for the RV enthusiast or lifestyle camper.

    High Performance

    Enjoy the power production of Anywhere Solar Modules in this portable, stowable unit.

    Space Saving

    This portable solar kit comes conveniently packed in a bag for easier storage where space is a premium.


    Weighing less than 10 pounds, this system can easily be handled by one person.


    The panels feature a shatterproof, glass-free construction, making them extremely durable and scratch resistant.

    Engineered Excellence

    The RV Charging Kit is designed, created, produced, and distributed, proudly, in the U.S.A.

The Solar Charging Kit Includes

  • Four SS-2406 Anywhere Solar panels giving you a 50 watt, 12 volt system to charge your batteries
  • Two bracing rods for structure and support
  • Extension cables for connection to batteries up to 16 feet away
  • One charge controller to safely charge your batteries
  • A versatile stand for easy set-up
  • One durable carrying bag for easy transport and storage

For complete details see our User Manual.

For pricing and add-on options please visit our eBay Store.

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